What is Live 'n' Kickin' ?

This a nationally syndicated weekly one hour live music show broadcast every Thursday from 7-8 PM est (see affiliate page to see different broadcast times) to radio listeners and to people that join the mailing list below and YouTube.  Normally there are three guests stars on each show plus the house band.

There are two great qualities about Live ‘n’ Kickin’. The first is the outstanding music performed by the guest stars. Normally these are originals performed  by an individual or group. All music types are showcased.

Secondly and very important, this show uses music as the great common denominator for joy. All kinds of people have performed together on the show; young, old, black, Hispanic, white, male, female, country, city, conservative, liberal, even banjo players. Yes, even banjo players. They all had a blast doing it. You can hear and see it each week. Please join us every Thursday at 7 PM.

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Garrett Manning       May 25      GarrettManning.com


Garrett Manning is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrument musician who has been working in the music industry for over two decades. From guitar and drums to front runner and songwriter, Garrett is well-versed in all aspects of music. 

Garrett’s love of music started early in life when he began playing the piano at the age of five. Immersing himself in the melodies, he consumed all things music, and by age 14, he was proficient in violin and orchestra, guitar, drums, bass, and had joined the local school’s choral group. Starting in his first band while still in high school, Garrett had played numerous public gigs across the state, including county fairs, small festivals, local colleges. 

It wasn’t long after dipping his toes in the gigging industry that Garrett began to pick up momentum. His next project, a band named Smilin’ McGee (2004-2009), saw regional success, including radio airtime, a Florida tour, and numerous battle of the bands wins. In 2010, Garrett formed his current project, Taking Anderson. 

Despite his regional success with Smilin’ McGee, Garrett sites his biggest accomplishment as the ten years he spent teaching elementary school music classes. He believes that music is more than just sound -- but rather an emotional state which affects both the mind and body and is proud to have exposed young minds to the industry he feels so strongly about. He left his full-time teaching job in 2020 to pursue a full-time career in solo and ensemble music. 

In 2021, Garrett will be releasing his first solo album in the Acoustic/Alternative Rock genre. His goal is to release his music across various platforms, including social media, internet streaming playlists, physical sales, and SYNC play as well as increasing his gigging presence across the region. He hopes to move to Nashville, Tennessee within the next five years to continue recording solo and ensemble albums. 

“I'll dream of you, and the wonders of it all...” 


Luigi Pineda     May 25      Facebook.com/LuigiPineda