What is Live 'n' Kickin' ?

This a nationally syndicated weekly one hour live music show broadcast every Thursday from 7-8 PM est (see affiliate page to see different broadcast times) to radio listeners and to people that join the mailing list below and YouTube.  Normally there are three guests stars on each show plus the house band.

There are two great qualities about Live ‘n’ Kickin’. The first is the outstanding music performed by the guest stars. Normally these are originals performed  by an individual or group. All music types are showcased.

Secondly and very important, this show uses music as the great common denominator for joy. All kinds of people have performed together on the show; young, old, black, Hispanic, white, male, female, country, city, conservative, liberal, even banjo players. Yes, even banjo players. They all had a blast doing it. You can hear and see it each week. Please join us every Thursday at 7 PM.

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Appearing in Episode 134

Big Ron Betts    August 4      BigRonBetts.com


Winner of the 2021 Orange Blossom Blues Challenge for Solo performance 

Influences include BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters 

30 years of professional performing throughout Florida 

Universal Studios Mardi Gras 

Star Search at Disney MGM Studios 

Awarded Best Frontman by SSA 

Awarded Best Comical Song by SSA 

shared stages with Duncan Sheik, Screaming Cheetah Wheelies, Les Dudek (Allman Brothers Band), Bob Dylan, Tower of Power, Gato Barberi, 4 Tops, Deep Purple, Ziggy Marley, Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead) 

Performed for audiences of all types from 2 to 70,000


Big Tiki and the Mai Tais    August 4   Facebook.com/BigTikiandtheMaiTais


In the land of ukuleles there are many tunes and types of players. In Florida there are many types of crazies and songs they dance to. Out of the miasma arose a unique blend of talents and types which became Big Tiki and The MaiTais, who play tunes to which everyone can dance! 

Florida’s most unique ukulele band is comprised of Stephen Big Tiki Boros, a man with a long list of accomplishments in the visual arts world, who turned to the ukulele as a defense against the many years of interminable visits by his wife’s friend from second grade LaBanana—while the gals drank wine, Big Tiki plucked idly at the strings of the many different ukes hanging on his wall until finally after 20 or so years of visits the friend finally moved next door and Big Tiki became an accomplished player and a large piece of carved wood. The next step of course was to form a band with the friend, also an accomplished and practicing musician, albeit one who played the one string washtub bass. After several dozen years playing the one-string washtub bass with funky folk and blues bands such as the Last Great Jive Ass Jug Band, and the quirky DeLuxe Vaudeville Orchestra, Toni LaBanana Shifalo is proud to finally play with a real band. She even recently learned three chords on the Harmony ukulele Santa Claus brought to her when she was four years old in order to audition for Big Tiki. Passing the audition, she puts the bottom in the MaiTais and fortunately keeps her singing to herself. She once was just a fruit, but now she is a rum drink. Needing both a vocalist and an attractive personage who plays a real instrument, Big Tiki drafted fellow artist Naughty Nancy who was a budding performer in the ukulele realm. Tired of being known as the artist who designs popular state license plates and the illustrator of hugely successful rock n roll merchandise , Nancy decided to create real art and took up the ukulele. Only problem is she’s a lefty, so she had to build her own uke and string it upside down. That hurdle jumped, she landed lost in the realm of ukulele chic singers until rescued by Big Tiki and tapped as lead singer and left-handed strummer in his band Big Tiki and the Mai Tais. She once was just an arteest but now she too is a rum drink. Rounding out this bunch of square pegs in round holes is the occasional addition of a rotating cast of instrumentalists ranging from flutes, percussion to bagpipes into the miasma of fun, fun, fun that is Big Tiki & The Mai Tai's and now they too become fruity rum drinks. They discover and cover songs by favorite, and obscure musicians, throw in some authentic Hawaiian tunes for good measure, perform a few originals, and fill out a show with wit and humor.   

Catfish Dinner encore     August 4     Facebook.co,/CatfishDinnerBand

 Genre: Purveyors of Hillbilly Music 

Band Members: P. Taylor Hodges Guitar/Vocals Krystae Schmierer Bass/Vocals 

Hometown: Orlando, Florida 

Here is our YouTube: Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvuOQvva6VnyJQAqgekmcA 

Founding Date:: 1985 

Catfish Dinner was formed in 1985 by P. Taylor and Krystae. Being young a fans of Traditional Country, Punk and Metal they started out as a "Cowpunk" band. Now days they are just fine purveyors of Hillbilly Music. 

Awards:Nominee-Orlando Weekly Best of 2018 "Best Country Act". 

Influences:Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Gram Parsons, Minor Threat 

Press Contact:Rani Miller/Snarlin'Betty Agency 850-692-4801 

Booking Agent: Rani Miller-Snarlin' Betty Agency 850-692-4801



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