Neil Young Tribute

Neil Young is one of the greatest singer/songwriters in history. From the early sixties to today he is creating masterpieces that will last for generations. B. K. Andersen performs a one man tribute that includes over 40 of Young's songs from the early 60's Sugar Mountain to 2010 Peaceful Valley Boulevard. All the classics are there including Heart of Gold, Old Man, Rockin' in the Free World, Hurricane; Hey Hey, My, My; Ohio, Southern Man, Cinnamon Girl, and so many more. Every song is great and hopefully done respectful of the meaning that Young intended for his listeners.

B.K.. Andersen

Neil Young

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Neil Young performs and records the same song in many styles mainly using 
the Martin acoustical guitar or the electric guitar with extreme distortion.  
B.K. performs all the songs with the Martin but sometimes adds a little bass
and drums effects in the sparingly style of Tim Drummond and Kenny Buttery
from the Harvest and other albums. Also uses backup vocal effects of James
Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, once again like on the Harvest album. 
Young was a giant in the 60's and 70' but he didn't stop. Neil Young kept writing, performing and recording great songs drawing a large audience even to the present.  Almost every year a new album. 2015 it was Blue Note Cafe, 2016 it is Earth and Peace Trail. He has done over 80 albums including 36 studio albums. Below in the order that they were released are the album and songs from Neil Young that B.K.Andersen performs.