Neil Young Biography
For a short biography I would recommend going to Wikipedia.  To know more, there are hundreds of books and articles about him.  A few that I have read and would recommend are Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young,  Shakey by Jimmy McDonough (not a favorite of Mr. Young), Neil Young: Long May You Run: The Illustrated History by Gary Graff and Daniel Durchholz,  Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years by Sharry Wilson, Neil Young Special Deluxe A Memoir of Life and Cars by Neil Young and Neil Young: The Definitive Last History by Mike Evans.

Of course what is most important is his music. For that I recommend the albums you see on the previous home page. 
Also the Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1. are great for more insight into his creativity.  

Bruce "B.K." Andersen Biography
B.K. Andersen was born 1949 in New York City.  His family moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1956. In 1965 Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited inspired him to learn the guitar and harmonica. After several bands he became a member of Sound Caravan that played in South Florida clubs. Then on to the University of Florida while studying architecture he continue to perform in local bands. During that time he participated in student protests that were put down violently by State Police.  In 1970 four students were killed by the National Guard at Kent State University. Almost immediately Neil Young wrote the song Ohio. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young recorded it within a month after Kent State and it received a large audience on what was then the new FM radio. B.K. covered that song in his band and never forgot that gift from Neil. 

Many years went by concentrating on work with music as a sideline. It wasn't until 2004 that B.K. founded TheBluesBusters.  This became a very successful band in Central Florida. They played all the major venues in the area, released three albums, and were well known for their originality. This came to an end in 2013 when injuries prevented B.K. from playing any more.  In 2015 after many doctors and much effort B.K. decided to pick the guitar up again.

First it was trying to play his old Martin acoustical guitar which he had set aside for decades in favor of the electric guitars. He tried to remember what songs had been special to him during his life. He remember doing covers of Neil Young's Ohio and Heart of Gold while in college. Also there was a special time when he rented a house on New Smyrna Beach. The family spent a week there. B.K. had brought the Martin and just one songbook, Decade by Neil Young. It was a magical time. 

Now picking up the Martin again was not meant to be anything serious. Playing a few selections from the old Young songbook just felt really comfortable.  So he tried a few more with the same results. What was strange unintentionally he sounded and played like Neil Young.  So he tried it out on a few critical friends with success.  Then trying more songs and finding out that Young is one of the most prolific composers with hundreds to choose from. All familiar to most people. Better yet all are easy for B.K. to relate to.  Next was a long seven month process of selecting and putting together over 50 of Young's songs and doing the bass and drums tracks to accompany it. More work on the harmonies and harmonica accompaniment followed.  The end result is what he hopes most people will feel is a true tribute of Young's masterpieces.