What is Live 'n' Kickin' ?

This a syndicated weekly one hour live music show broadcast every Thursday from 7-8 PM est to radio listeners and to people that join the mailing list below and YouTube.  Normally there are three guests stars on each show plus the house band.

There are two great qualities about Live ‘n’ Kickin’. The first is the outstanding music performed by the guest stars. Normally these are originals performed  by an individual or group. All music types are showcased.

Secondly and very important, this show uses music as the great common denominator for joy. All kinds of people have performed together on the show; young, old, black, Hispanic, white, male, female, country, city, conservative, liberal, even banjo players. Yes, even banjo players. They all had a blast doing it. You can hear and see it each week. Please join us every Thursday at 7 PM.

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Hard to Port     January 13   Facebook.com/Jenn.Weidley


Hard To Port was formed in 2012, expanding over the next few years from the original trio into a core five-piece band, with regular guest members.  We play a range of music we call “Celtic Fusion” – everything from traditional Irish/Scottish reels, jigs, tunes, pub songs, and ballads, through to folk-inspired singer-songwriter material in the vein of Joan Baez, James Taylor, and Neil Young, with Old Time mixed in between.  Add in some country, western, and hard rock influences, and you can understand why we lean heavily on the “Fusion”. 

Our band members play a wide-variety of instruments, with most of us on vocals too.  Fiddles, whistles, and guitar (Jenn Weidley), more guitars - both electric and acoustic, mandolins, and banjo (Ron Smykay and Steve Hinksman), bass (Christina Hinksman), and bodhran and other percussion (Chuck Spano) are all found on stage with us.  Come and spend some time with us, and we’ll take you on a musical journey, from the green fields of Ireland to the Blue Ridge mountains to demon-haunted woods, driving across the Australian Outback, heading out west to Carson City, or racing through the painted canyons of California.

Dale New    January 13   Facebook.com/DaleNewMusic


Catfish Dinner classic   January 13   Facebook.com/CatfishDinnerBand 

 Genre: Purveyors of Hillbilly Music 

Band Members: P. Taylor Hodges Guitar/Vocals Krystae Schmierer Bass/Vocals 

Hometown: Orlando, Florida 

Here is our YouTube: Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvuOQvva6VnyJQAqgekmcA 

Founding Date:: 1985 

Biography:Catfish Dinner was formed in 1985 by P. Taylor and Krystae. Being young a fans of Traditional Country, Punk and Metal they started out as a "Cowpunk" band. Now days they are just fine purveyors of Hillbilly Music. Blending tears and humor, they were best described when someone said, "Catfish Dinner is all about drinking, fucking and heartache." 

Awards:Nominee-Orlando Weekly Best of 2018 "Best Country Act". 

Influences:Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Gram Parsons, Minor Threat 

Press Contact:Rani Miller/Snarlin'Betty Agency 850-692-4801 

Booking Agent: Rani Miller-Snarlin' Betty Agency 850-692-4801



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