What is Live 'n' Kickin' Orlando?

This a a weekly one hour live music show broadcast every Thursday from 7-8 PM to people that join the mailing list below and on YouTube. Normally there are two guests stars on each show plus the house band.

There are two great qualities about Live ‘n’ Kickin’. The first is the outstanding music performed by the guest stars. Normally these are originals performed acoustically by an individual or group. All music types are showcased.

Secondly and very important, this show uses music as the great common denominator for joy. All kinds of people have performed together on the show; young, old, black, Hispanic, white, male, female, country, city, conservative, liberal, even banjo players. Yes, even banjo players. They all had a blast doing it. You can hear and see it each week. Please join us every Thursday at 7 PM.

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Almost all full time musicians earn a meager income. With all venues now closed they have no income.   Gold Tone presents Live 'n' Kickin'  is an all volunteer show. These funds will go directly to the musicians that have no other support.

Please donate to https://www.gofundme.com/f/lnk-musician039s-relief-fund



This is a great site to connect musicians to venues and gigs, and build a fan base. Any musicians, venue or promoter can post their event for FREE if it is a scheduled confirmed gig open to the general public. SupportYourLocalBandFlorida

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Kilted Cowboy Keith   August 13

Artists We Also Like: Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Big n Rich 

Band Interests: To Play music at Margaritaville, Orlando and Key West On the Bucket list. 
Play Music almost anywhere, Beach Bar settings etc. 

Personal Interests: Having a blast whenever I get the Chance. 


Call 7274186038


Joseph Harrison  August 13

As a child, Joey grew up listening to his dad's original music and loved his songs on the piano. Through instruction, practice and composition, Joey modeled his sound after a multitude of classic artists like Billy Joel, James Taylor, Steely Dan, Chicago, The Beatles, The Eagles, Santana, Elton John, Eric Clapton, etc. Spirituality has always played a huge role in Joey's music. While performing the circuit in and around Central FL, Joey enjoys recording his compositions in his home studio and looking to God for inspiration. 


Kilted Cowboy Keith/Joseph Harrison

Gold Tone Presents Live 'n' Kickin' Orlando

Bruce Coale/Dave Hillebrandt

Gold Tone Presents Live 'n' Kickin' Orlando

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