The Death of CD's, Long Live the Single!  

  1. The last Tower record store closed in 2006.  There are few record stores left.
  2. There are now only three record companies (Sony, Universal and Warner) that control almost 90% of retail music sales. The chance of getting signed to a record label is less than finding a polar bear in Walmart.
  3. Between 2010 and 2015 the music industry hit bottom at below 15 billion dollars. It has climbed back up 2000 level of 24 billion dollars. Almost 60% of music sales is through streaming.
  4.  Adele after not making an album for over 5 years in October of 2021 completed an album but only released a single "Easy on Me" on streaming services. It is the most streamed song in history on its first day on Spotify, 25 million hits. That is over $100,000 on one day, on one streaming service.
  5.  Prior to the early 60's young people did not buy albums. They bought 45's. Two songs, an A and B side. Generally they only played the A side.  Basically they were buying one song like they are doing now through iTunes or streaming services like Spotify,  Amazon Music,  Apple Music,  Pandora, etc. 

So What?

The primary purpose of Live 'n' Kickin' is to promote musical artists through our subscribers, radio stations and YouTube.  We also want to explore what may be the best avenues for musicians to have the most success in selling their music.  The single below, "Wine, Women and Song" is currently located on all well known music platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube and Deezer.  The cost to do that was $10 through a distributor called CD Baby (there are many others).  You also have to pay 6% of revenues. 

Does it Work?

We'll find out. Starting October 28, 2021 we will promote the single "Wine, Women and Song" through the show and on our email campaigns.  All revenue will be used only for the promotion of artists on Live 'n' Kickin'. To help, buy the single above or use whatever music platform you currently use and request "Wine, women and song by Bruce". That simplified name should get you there. If you want to know more how we did it please just go to the Contact page and email us.


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